This is a sketchbook that records my own study towards engineering lettering. Letters are drawn from early of 2022 to September 2022. The collection focuses on the engineering of Roman, Foundation Hand and Italic letterforms using techniques from different sources, such as David Harris from The Art of Calligraphy: A Practical Guide To The Skills and Techniques, Father S├ębastien Truchet from Romain Du Roi, Micheal Harvey from Lettering Design: Form & Skills In The Design & Use of Letters, and more.
As I started my first typeface, the question of how to create shapes of letters harmoniously and consistently arose. The process behind the sketchbook was that the letters were constructed from my calligraphy practice sheets. They were traced by hand using pencil, rulers, eraser and compass. Some of them were colored vibrantly using alcohol-based markers. The final results were scanned, some came with texture on top such as plastic to enhance crafted-feel.


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