Tet 2022, we come together and celebrate the Year of the Tiger by creating a tiger figure named “Nham Dan”. “Nham Dan'' means “Tiger", and it stands in 3rd place out of 12 Vietnamese zodiac animals. People who are born this year are considered to be brave, dareful and talented.

In our poster series, the “Nham Dan" figure lives in our 4 contexts that are considered to be the most spoken topic in Vietnamese culture during Tet holiday: love life, finance, social media life and recently, Covid complication. 
Vietnamese language such as wishes are incorporated into our designs, as “Nham Dan - Year of the Tiger” approaches, our people will give their best wishes and good fortune to each other. And we aim to do the same!
In this project, we hope to deliver the excitement and the vibration of the Tet holiday through colors and animations. We wish you a happy holiday with your beloved ones, good luck and best health all year long.
4 out of our 12 posters are selected to be featured on The One Club for Creativity
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Workload by Quynh Huong x Locallective:
Graphic Design, Custom Type Design, Motion Design, 3D Design


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